How to create software and make money

How to create software

How to create software is something I have wondered how to do since I learned to code. It’s actually pretty simple as long as you know how to code. The first step is finding out what language you want to program your software in, and some of those languages include Python, C++, C#, Java, and C. When I created Techst Editor I used Python, but I may use C++ in the future.

Writing the code

The next step is writing the code, and this is obviously important. You need to find what GUI library you want to use. I used Tkinter when I made Techst Editor, but Tkinter only works with Python. There are other GUI libraries for other programming languages. While you are writing your code, start to think about how you are going to monetize your project, but make sure not to focus only on making money. Because that will take the fun out of coding.

Making The File

Once you have written the code you can begin making the file run when clicked on. I’m not sure how to do this in any other language except Python, but there are plenty of resources on YouTube and Google. In Python you will need to use a tool called Pyinstaller. There is a link below to the Pyinstaller website.

How to make that green

Money and physical Bitcoins. How to create software

Making money from software can be challenging, but there are many ways to do it. The traditional way to do it is by selling the software directly. Another way is by selling certain features to the software. The way I use to make money from my open source text editor is by asking for donations (check it out below). This form of monetization is used by organizations like Wikipedia. If your project becomes large enough you can get money from companies, like how Firefox gets paid by Google to use it as their go-to search engine. The possibilities are endless for monetization.

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