Why You Need To Learn Python Now!

Why You Need To Learn Python

The reason you need to learn Python is because it’s a versatile programming language. I find Python much easier to learn than other languages such a C++ or Java. That’s why I used Python to make my open source text editor called Techst Editor.

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How To Learn Python

Learning a programming language is challenging, and it’s hard to know where to start. I used Codecademy (not sponsored) to learn Python. I’ve also used Sololearn to learn other languages (also not sponsored). The key to learning any programming language is to not rush and to keep a regular study pattern. What helped me learn how to code was to have a specific project in mind to work on. Then I would learn the necessary knowledge needed for that project. If you are looking for ideas or how people have done certain projects check out GitHub.

What You Can Use Python For

What I like about Python is there are lots of resources available on Python. I like to check Stackoverflow for any questions I have about programming. There is practically a library for everything in Python. You can use Python for data science, GUI, machine learning, and many more applications. I like to use Python for GUI. I made Techst Editor by using the Tkinter GUI library.

What Python Jobs Are Out There?

Many Fortune 500 companies hire Python developers. Some of those companies include Google, Cisco, and Bank of America. Python devs can make $115,000-$158,000 a year. Python is a wonderful tool to learn whether you want to work for Google or you just want a new hobby. If you don’t want a full time job in Python you can use your knowledge by making part time open source projects. Techst Editor is my main open source project. You can make money from open source projects you can ask for donations, or you can have people pay for licenses to your project. The opportunities with Python are endless!

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