What’s In The Revolutionary Third Update For Techst Editor?

Techst Editor 3.0 Has Been Released

This is the third version of Techst Editor to ever be released. This update is our biggest update to date. This update contains both GUI changes and other backend changes that will change the text editor industry for the better.

Update Features

  • Minor GUI Changes
  • Word Search Is Now More Effective
  • GUI Customization API

The main GUI change is a teal colored background which promotes a more friendly and welcoming aesthetic. I really like how it works with the white, but if you don’t like it you can still use Dark Mode or you can use our wonderful API to choose from many different colors.

Word Search now works thanks to a change in websites. The website is Reverso. Reverso Speller can check the spelling of words or entire paragraphs, and all you need to use spell check is to click on the button on the next to the Dark Mode button.

The biggest and most important update is the Techst Editor API. The API offers vast GUI customization options. You can change the color of the button, the background, and the font color of your text. I created the API to allow for more than 1,000 different variations in GUI colors. Below is a video on how to use the Techst Editor API.

Download Techst Editor 3.0

The Future Of Techst Editor

I have been working really hard over the past month since the last update. I’m the only person to work on this project, I do all the programming, all the web design, all the YouTube videos, and this causes me to get really warn out from working on this project and many other things in life. That being said if anyone wants to join me in this project please contact me via the Techst Editor email, which is [email protected]. Just send me your resumé, and I will get back to you with more info. Your help would mean the world to me.

I plan to release another big update before the end of the year, but I’m really busy with other things in my life, and the update is very big. So, it may take a while to release. As always, God Bless and Happy Coding!

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